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The argument

Artist: flow
Artist's Description
It's a real hip hop duet,that defines the intracities of a modern day relationship

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Industrial,General Hip Hop,Hardcore Industrial
Mood(s): Aggressive
Style(s): Confusion
Language(s): English

The argument

By flow
Hook: it may not be justified as I look into your eyes,nigga,don't cry because the love has died, verse:I never had it cause you're way too simple,and yes I deliever messages in parables and riddles,nigga.what don't you seem to understand,it may seem underhanded,but I found some new dick,Nigga,you ain't real you can't even hit it,fool you just miss it,all you ever do is kiss it,I'm a bad bitch and I only fuck with them real nigga's,it was once you,but now I've improved,nigga.It maybe Elysium but that describes the mystery,nigga,that's how I feel when the dick's in me,lean in closely while I whisper this secret,nigga,you ain't shit, try fucking your bitch,nigga.Even though you'll never come close to perfection,watch a bad bitch as I transcribe this message,nigga.It used to feel familiar,but we're not familia,I love real niggas in essence in spirit,along with the work that flowed from your connect, nigga.Your destiny was chosen as we recreate your fate,nigga.Through mental escapades fueled by indulgences,we run scenarios orchestrated by secarios,dumb nigga don't become a victim,as the missile sidewinds and ends your life,nigga.It might be material,but it's oh so mystical,like the last rites that recited at the end of your life,nigga.Bitch,who do you think you fucking with,I be wordsmith,proficient with any type of smith,Wesson at the end,as we extinguish your life nigga.Mind over matter as my pockets get fatter,circumventing the evidence created by the splatter,nigga.Dont lose your mind,as i dissect every line of your rhyme,we do go time, as we lay it all on the line,nigga.I may speak of the hustle, as I move with the flame,we don't do investigations,we perfect the game,nigga.We might end up in prison,but we can take our bid,snitching is against our religion,I can't stand a fake ass nigga,that's why I only fuck with the real,nigga.Buy a thin a straight so you won't burn your dope,if you fuck with the smoke,you might beat that hole,nigga.To add further insult to injury,it might seem fabricated or so he'll believe,I have to deceive your small mentality,nigga.I used to have love but I had to reassess,everything we we're and what we used to be,as I pray to the heavens in search of peace,nigga.But the manifestation didn't arrive soon enough,so now nigga there's you love.Hook:It may not be justified as I look into your eyes,nigga,don't cry because the love has died,nigga..verse:It may seem justified,so look into my eyes,I know you're feeling some sort of way,screaming that the love has died,I told you once before about the game,you choose to do you that's why we live this way,we used to be Atlantis or ancient greece,as the Elysium mystery revealed their secrets to me,you know you loved it every time I kissed it,because every time you became wrapped up in your feelings,I apologize if I only make love one way,that's eating and beating you out the frame,in all ways.Now you know I'm all about protracting them angles,I'm sorry that I attracted all those beautiful angels,I did fuck,and you called them ho's,as I apologized I told you this course of action was going to change our lives,so don't blame me because we live that life,as you exclaim what happen to our wonderful life,you maybe a queen,but I'm a creator,I used the Jedi mind trick like I was Darth Vader,I know you needed it so I built you up,so now you're the bitch that every nigga want' s to fuck.So now I leave you in the black,accelerated in every aspect of moving the pack,with 3d straps printed out of plastic,attending wake after wake resulting in a closed casket,my creation of scenarios orchestrated by your secarios,allowed you to blow,so there you go,you led them into the ground,but that was you,now I'll miss you as I find another you,so as you say us can no longer be,you're out the door and it's no longer we,I raised you from a queen to an institution,I spoiled you rotten,as I made you,you.You want to be Jordan instead Scottie pippen,talking about clips filled with talon tips,nigga.Calling kings bitches as you call out snitches,paperchase all the time as we stack our riches,nigga.I feel you on that g perspective,but now you have moved away from the tried and true method,so here's your lesson on this justification,a niggas not hating about this situation,I know you like to get beaten down by apes,while you leave the planet and ascend into outer space,so now I bid you adieu,just remember who made all your dreams come true,nigga..Hook:it may not be justified as I look into your eyes,nigga don't cry because my love has died,nigga.


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