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Artist: Kate Young
Artist's Description
Poem inspired about walking and dancing.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Electronica/Dance
Mood(s): Bright, Calm, Easy, Groovy, Upbeat
Style(s): Celebration
Language(s): NONE
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$30.00


By Kate Young
Steppin out on the town
Footstepping down the street in daylight
Footstepping though fallen leaves
Footstepping though the lights shining after dark

Footstepping my way to work
Footstepping on the dancefloor
Stepping out on the street
Walking with these footsteps in the sunshine

Footsteps in the sun
With 1,000 sunflowers surrounding me
In the early morning light
Footstepping to the rythem

Footstepping on my feet
Walking in my footsteps
Hear these footsteps
Footstepping down the street


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