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Artist: Kate Young
Artist's Description
Poem inspiration about life.

Genre(s): Pop, Ambient/Dream Pop, Acoustic Blues, Acid House, Acid Jazz
Mood(s): Easy, Happy, Joyous, Light, Lively, Peaceful, Upbeat
Style(s): Celebration, Fanfare, Inspirational
Language(s): Eastern European
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$20.00


By Kate Young
My street, I'm going nowhere, I here to stay
I walk in these shoes, Strutting down the path
I walk in these footsteps
The lights shining after dark
I am on my way home

Work no-stop, Till I drop
I could dance all night
I'll see the moon rising
See in the early morning light
Watch the golden red sun arise in the dawn

1,000 sunflowers everywhere
Warm in the sunlight
Keep the blues away
Looking up at the clouds in the blue skies
It shows that the spirits are upon us

Golden leaves have fallen
The cover the whole path
I walk with footsteps
My footsteps down the street


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