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Artist: Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Artist's Description
A young man who started online dating with his friends and got his heart broke.

Genre(s): Country, Easy Listening, Contemporary Country, Love Songs
Mood(s): Anxious, Bouncy, Happy, Joyous, Playful, Positive, Strange, Tension
Style(s): Confusion, Heartbreak, Story, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$400.00


By Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Verse 1
Baby I just knew it,
You the right girl for me.
Okay just text me later,
Hun, I feel the same way baby..

Dudes this girl really loves me,
I got her eating out of my hands.
Yeah! She kinda said she wants me,
And she wanted me to be her man..

Verse 2
Dudes I'm telling you she's gonna text me back,
So just go ahead I'll catch up with you.
Come on baby it's already been four hours later,
Baby what the heck should I do..

Yeah Guys! She wants me to go over there,
As soon as she gets done with her friends.
No it's okay I think I can handle this,
Yeah she said her name was Gwen..

"I'm Leaving This Text For You",
To tell you how I feel.
I know I sound a little crazy,
But what we started it seems so real..

"I'm Leaving This Text For You",
Saying you can text me back at anytime.
Hun, I don't mean to keep bothering you,
But you said you'd be done by nine..

Verse 3
The first time I seen your profile,
Baby i just knew.
Those pic's you sent looked incredible,
Darlin I think I'm stuck on you like glue..

Verse 4
Baby it's one o'clock in the morning,
Where the heck are you.
Girl it's okay if you text me back tommorow,
I'll be home here waiting for you..

It's been a week since I spoke to you,
Now all my friends are laughing at me.
I'm making excuses that were still talking,
But most of my friends don't believe..

"I'm Leaving This Text For You",
To tell you how I feel.
Now I'm getting a little crazy,
Because they say you not really real..

"I'm Leaving This Text For You"
So you can text me back anytime.
Hun maybe i should stop bothering you,
And stop worrying about you online..

Bridge / Middle Section

Verse 5
They said not to loan you any money,
Because you were nothing but a scammer girl.
Girl "I'm Leaving This Text For You",
To see if if your really real..

Verse 6 (Her)
Baby boy I am so sorry,
My ex stole my cell phone from me.
I had no way to contact you,
Because he also stole all my identity..

The cops arrested him yesterday,
And i got back my stuff and my cell phone to,
Lover here's my new cell phone number,
And my home address too..

Lover here's my new cell phone number,
"And My Home Address Too"


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