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Go Ahead and Fall in Love

Artist: Deborah Fisch
Artist's Description
May-December romance in these lyrics!

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Jazz
Mood(s): Playful, Romantic
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00

Go Ahead and Fall in Love

By Deborah Fisch
Go Ahead and Fall in Love

It doesn't make much sense
I haven't a defense
To tell the world just why
You're on my mind

It may be 'cause I'm lazy
Or just a trifle crazy
I fell for you
And oh, it's true
Love's blind

While enjoying my myopia,
All I do is hope ya
Will take a chance and
See if I'm your kind

It's not the day
It's not the time
It's not the situation
For us to fall in love

There's not a book
There's not a play
There's not a TV station
Says "Go ahead and fall in love."

But I have no choice
My logic has no voice
I cannot think
I've lost my appetite

You say "Hold the noise"
We're not little girls and boys
But I'm a child
So Daddy, hold me tight

You're much too old
I'm much too young
Too many complications
For us to fall in love

Yet we're in step
We think in tune
We laugh in syncopation
Let's go ahead and fall in love

Who knows what will be
for you or for me?
I've gone ahead and fallen in love


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