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Into It Again

Artist: Deborah Fisch
Artist's Description
These lyrics were written while traveling on a train and contemplating love second time around.

Genre(s): Jazz
Mood(s): Bright, Groovy
Style(s): Forties (1940s)
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00

Into It Again

By Deborah Fisch
Into it again

This train's off the track
Conductor, send me back
Refund my fare
Forget you ever saw me

Unpack my clothes
Only God knows
Why I'm here
I told myself I'd never let you draw me

Into it again
I let you pull me
Into it again
Remember when I told you
I'd be just your friend
I got too weak ; I let you speak
And now I'm falling
Into it again

I said you'd never win
You'd never fool me
There were other men
I thought it wasn't right
To want just one and then
I saw you there
I had to care
And now I'm falling
Into it again

So why should I struggle?
I always have before
Could it be this time's the one I can't ignore?

Into it again
You knocked the wall down
Now I'm into it again
You made me smile and asked me
Into it again

I must be insane
Conductor, hold that train!
Let me on
I want to go back into it again


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