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Two to One

Artist: Deborah Fisch
Artist's Description
This is a cocktail metaphor love angst lyric.

Genre(s): Funk, Rock, Free/Avant Jazz
Mood(s): Bouncy
Style(s): Forties (1940s)
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00

Two to One

By Deborah Fisch
Two to One

Take two parts me
To one part you
Over ice and then you're through
That's the way it's always been
One part love
To two parts friend

Add a twist
Forget the salt
On green you go
On red you halt

On you I'm drunk
You're on the wagon
I've gone too far
You're back there draggin'

Two parts me
To one part you
This round's on me
What else is new?


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