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Advice to a governor

Artist: Georges Dwailibi
Artist's Description
Amidst all the social and political unrest touching too many countries, this song is a letter and a message from a virtual citizen to his/her virtual governor with pertinent human and social values desired by all people.

Genre(s): Classical/Orchestral, Pop, General Folk, General New Age, General Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Forgiveness, Introspective, Meditative, Optimistic, Patriotic, Peaceful, Positive, Pretty, Thoughtful
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational, Patriotic, Triumph
Language(s): English
Extended License:$180.00

Advice to a governor

By Georges Dwailibi
When I took you in my hands, sometimes you seemed to be heavy,
But when I saw you growing, you were all fluffy,
You were really tiny, because I tried to make you clean,
Here you are now, my governor, our governor,
Do your best to keep your country’s sheet very clear,
No nepotism, no despotism and everyone will see optimism,
So you won’t feel it heavy to govern, you feel it light with no fear
Be in clean, keep it clean so you can have a beautiful lead

When I washed you, I was always careful to keep my hands free,
Thus your body will also be alike,
You don’t need to wear others’ gloves.
Gloves can hide inside many dirty points that we dislike,
Corruption free, deception free, that’s what citizen loves …that’s the key,
Only your clean hands would be enough to make your governance neat,
Try to remember my story with you, it will be helpful to lead,
Be in clean, keep it clean so you can have beautiful lead

It’s good that I mentioned “Governance time”, because in life, everything is relative,
You were not a baby during your entire age,
This “baby life” occurred over a period of time that will never come again,
You move to another step through childhood, adulthood… and nothing remain,
You couldn’t retain any of them forever. Forever young exists only in the songs,
Now you reach the governance period that would never be in permanence,
Every period of your life had its own occurrence, so do governance,
A state’s life is a combination of successive experiences,
It will survive through moving from yours to others’ in righteousness,
Be in clean, keep it clean so you can have beautiful lead


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