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Artist: ASH
Artist's Description
Simple words
easy rhymes
affectionate content
a secret letter to a lover

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Love Songs, Mood Music, Acoustic Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Calm, Dramatic, Easy, Eerie, Relaxed, Romantic, Soft, Sweet
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English


Moon and skies
And butterflies
And fireworks and
Summer of Julies
Sleepless nights and
Full of cries and
Looking for the hows and for the whys
Speeding days; we’re running out of time
Keep a secret, hide a crime
Think of me in the depth of your abyme
I wanna; I wanna paint you a rhyme
Seeking warmth, reach for a dove
Arms full of fire smiles full of love
Am I all the things that you’re deprived of?
You wanna; you wanna …?
Bite me, hurt me, show me, tell me
Keep it up as if time just dies
Falls and fails and loss and out of these I’ve got my dearest prize
Look me in the eyes; I’ll give you truths in a world full of lies
Full of trauma, and oh my! I want you by my side
I’ll give you step by step and be the win for all your countless tries
You give me hopes and dreams, and that it seems is all I need to rise
I’ll give you words and you could shut me up with silence all the time
And yet I’ll compromise and agonize and still I’d dive inside
Inside your open arms and all your …
Kiss me, hug me, hide me, shhh
Keep it safe, it’ll never die
I see it in your eyes; I see a truth and not a single lie

I would never ever wanna be alone
Heart all yours and soul you own
Keep me there right where I belong
Keep me where you call it home


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