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Born To

Artist: Plasma Baby
Artist's Description
The lyric, “Born To”, is a Romeo and Juliet scenario, outer space, love song.

Genre(s): Rock, Art-Folk, Indie
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Romantic
Style(s): Desire, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$200.00

Born To

By Plasma Baby
Verse 1
My love is a heliopause
Been on hold
For a thousand years
Spinning out of control
In another galaxy from yours

Can you feel me?
In the solar winds
As they whip across the sun
Can you feel me?
Through crystalline matter
As it crosses coma lattice
Can you feel me?
Rotating your event horizon
As I spin into oblivion, inverted
Can you?
Can you?
Can you?

We were born to
We were born to
Born to break orbit
Born to leave the limbo layer
Defy laws of logic
By critically acclaimed
Heavy weight heathens
Born to break orbit
That’s right
We were born to
We were born to
Born to break orbit

Verse 2
Termination shock
Wasn’t enough
For your plasma to expand
And dance electron density
Into universal calm
Unbounded by corners
My heliopause
My heart’s radius
Merging in limbo layer
Challenge the medium
I know you can
Density has dragged its feet
For way too long
I’m ready to collide
In a radiant crimson river
Of magnetic union


Out here
It’s pointless
Echoes Pluto’s voice
Pulsars pulling us
Galactic halo waits
To crown us
Out here
We were born to
Born to break orbit


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