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Life is too short

Artist: Born Free
Artist's Description
Optimistic, loving,loyalty, caring .

Genre(s): Childrens Music, Easy Listening, General Childrens Music, Love Songs
Mood(s): Energetic, Fun
Style(s): Childrens Production, Story
Language(s): Arabic,English
Standard License:$150.00
Extended License:$150.00

Life is too short

By Born Free
Please honey feel my endless pain.
Can't ever think of losing you again.
Losing you means losing my mind.
Whatever you do never set me a side .
Life is too short let's enjoy our times.
I keep saying this many thousands times.
Let's dance with the wind.
Let's drop with the rain.
Let's slide from the hills to the lovely plains.
Let's walk through the woods.
Let's sing with the birds.
Let's follow the bees.
To the tallest trees.


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