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Live it up

Artist: Keker davis
Artist's Description
This song is about living a luxurous lifestyle with a beautiful woman

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Hard
Style(s): Fashion
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00

Live it up

By Keker davis
Look at me I fatally forever bleed, at 16 they calling me imortally, I'm overseas on motorboats and jet skis, choking on leaves with a fly Vietnamese, my game is on freez, baby Louie v the v12,all white we be riding on seashells, roll down the window and catch a million dollar weed smell,as a child sipping yac out the holy Grail,. I been hotter, been walking on top of the water,they talk majic until a real good slap um with tarter, I got my weight up now I'm feeling like a duce and a quarter, Cali born and raised means that I come from the border, pig Latin or Latino,with the young chinos, Puerto Ricos, in fly buffolinos,I seen murder after murder kilo after kilo, I'm cappuccino in the game ain't no Valentino,.hook. I'm gone live my life, with the roll of a dice,baby first class flight, live it up we get money....vers face full of scars,but I rise apart and still spit bars, champagne god at the bar with the whipped cars,on top of the throne, still pimping Simone,cool water cologne,golden boy diamond rich man Sylvester Stallone,my jewels from black Nile got um crushing my stones,g stone Patty wagon shinning my crome,the Benz 600 calzone,.all about the money pile,they say she lived a poor lifestyle,I took her in tossed her ice now she versatile,glass house a 100 thou for ceramic tile, camouflage pool in a water gown ,she like to play, shes in a grey mercede, yellow ice dripping lemonade,French glaze out the promenade, shopping at bed bath and beyond, body smoking like a Tommy gun,I'm just a leprechaun, with a pot of gold on the run, trying to get it how it come, convertible SL paint hot like the sun,no more crumbs in the Galant,we big shrimp packing extra Tums,hook... I'm gone live my life,with the roll of a dice, baby first class flight,live it up we get money....


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