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My home is Alabama

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
There are a few upbeat songs about Alabama but I thought I could add one more

Genre(s): Country, Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Dancing, Patriotic
Style(s): Beach Party, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$70.00
Extended License:$180.00

My home is Alabama

By jerry freemann
the summer’s here
the day is hot
the air is clear
my mind is not

I had some food
I had a drink
I’m in the mood
nudge nudge wink wink

bikini beach
bikini girls
so cute is each
eyes shine like pearls

some country boys
may start to sing
delights and joys
the hips will swing

I’m so glad my home is Alabama
countryside is deep inside my heart
I’m so glad my home is Alabama
and we won’t be ever kept apart

we turned off the internet
there’ll be things we won’t forget
sometimes losing all control
true to form with rock and roll

by the beach in cozy bar
we will find the first night star
and the parties go all night
till the sky again is bright

if you’re a teen
just keep it hush
do not act green
try not to blush

I think you burn
to be a man
there’s stuff to learn
prove that you can

the days are long
so is good kiss
the thirst is song
for love and bliss

the nights are sweet
and full of spice
cool down the heat
with drinks on ice


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