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You can see me dance

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
I think people like looking at people dancing so it's my homage to all the dancers

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance
Mood(s): Dancing
Style(s): Beach Party, Nightclub, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$60.00
Extended License:$180.00

You can see me dance

By jerry freemann
I hear people complain
I see them shedding tears
Their faces tell a story of despair
They curse both sun and rain
They have done so for years
I see them shaking fists and hear them swear

I just pass them with style
I really do not care
Cause I am flying high I’m on a roll
I wear flirtatious smile
Wink at me if you dare
But cheering up sad folks is not my goal

Sweet rhythm’s in my veins
Thrill lives inside my heart
I will not sit in bars to drink cold beer
Come hot sizzlers or rains
I won’t let dance depart
Cause music kicks my heartbeat in high gear

My moves are full of charm
And my motion beguiles
My eyes will send you sparks of hidden bliss
Can watch me there’s no harm
Admire from the aisles
But try it just to learn what you all miss

I turn on the beat
I feel rising heat
The power within
I raise up my chin
The posture is right
The day will be bright
My heart’s beating fast
The beat comes pounding at last

The speakers are on
Misgivings are gone
Adrenalize me
That’s what it should be
The fire inside
Take that in your stride
Come on ride the wave
I know that’s something you crave

You can see me dancing if you want
If you want to stop me I say don’t
When I hear the music I can’t sit
If you want to join me must be fit

You can hear me singing happy song
I am full of passion I feel strong
I enjoy the moment try it too
Find out what sheer passion does for you


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