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Not that drunk yet

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
Inspired by one of Bob Dylan's songs

Genre(s): Blues
Mood(s): Calm, Cool, Sweet
Style(s): Ballad, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$400.00
Extended License:$700.00

Not that drunk yet

By jerry freemann
I say my name and then your eyes
will open up and show surprise
so will ask about your name
you say it or at least that’s what you claim

the table is bit wobbly here
the bottles fall with wine and beer
there’s different labels but the taste – the same

there’s music on the radi-o
the songs that I don’t really know
the news is always bad at best
and I just do not care much of the rest

first joke just tanked but that’s ok
I do not care what others say
at least your are the one who’s nicely dressed

then someone phone is ringing
they drop it – it gets wet
and soon I will start singing
but I’m not that drunk yet

I see the night is coming soon
so let’s invite the big old moon
I don’t know how much she will drink
there’s elephants so can moon too be pink

I always dreamt that I could fly
I never said it cause I’m shy
you break my thoughts cause I can see you wink

I feel the booze now on my mind
sometimes I drink until I’m blind
and as I’m looking now at you
your face just tells me you’re a drinker too

I started talking bout my fears
the stuff that makes me shed sad tears
but I don’t think that message came all through

there’s people here romancing
for love the stage is set
and soon I will start dancing
but I’m not that drunk yet

when I am having a bad day
sometimes I don’t know what to say
when I am having a bad night
then what I say just does not come our right

the moths are coming to the flames
to play with fire burning games
and when the wings burn they get really bright

some people come some people go
the evening is still bit too slow
at last some joke just made me smile
so let that guy keep talking for a while

there is some food there is guitar
the meeting has been fine so far
now alcohol makes all seem have a style

the only thing that’s missing
is a mosquito net
and soon I will start kissing
but I’m not that drunk yet

I think I have a floating brain
I feel the world but there’s no pain
your face is twirling all around
and all your words are making a strange sound

they say that music gives you wings
but that guitar is missing strings
but you don’t mind that falling to the ground

did I just get a long hot kiss
was it from Jennifer or Chris
at certain stage I may not care
but if I do it means I’m not quite there

I may have visions in my head
are we outside or in a bed
I think there’s someone naked here I swear

I feel like I am sinking
excuse me have we met
and soon I will stop drinking
but I’m not that drunk yet


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