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I got a kind a' plan!

Artist: J Douglas & G Barnes
Artist's Description
"Don't give up..." - an upbeat, tongue in cheek, nu country song...

Genre(s): Country, Alternative Country, Contemporary Country
Mood(s): Bouncy, Determined, Fun, Optimistic, Playful, Positive
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational, Nostalgic, Story
Language(s): English
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I got a kind a' plan!

By J Douglas & G Barnes
I wrote some words for ‘Rock-a-chick blue’,
a girl in a band,
but it didn’t ring true,
when she changed her number,
and the band left town,
I saw her two years later in a Jimmy Choo gown.

So I strung my guitar for the You Tube scene
I was good,
I could sing,
I was suave,
I was mean.
Got two likes in a two year span
So I made up my money drivin’ wild Lou’s van.

I turned in to Van Gogh
and some of Warhol too,
but painting Nancy’s kitchen was the best that I could do,
she showed me how to disco,
so I tried a bit of that;
but I’m sitting on a corner,
with some pennies in my hat.

I smile for my money,
if the people care to see.
There ain’t no point in crying, in a state of poverty.
I put myself in this place, as if a greater scheme
will lead me to another place…
… another greater dream.

Last night I dined Madonna, with Monroe on my arm,
and never let the truth destroy, a thought-provoking yarn.

My jet waits at my airstrip,
and my chauffeur’s at the door.
The pennies in my upturned cap,
will sleep me on the floor.


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