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The Fall: a folk song

Artist: J Douglas & G Barnes
Artist's Description
This haunting narrative poem is written in a traditional folk rhythm and rhyme. It has been sang by ourselves to music (available upon request) in a mournful Celtic style, with an instrumental as a chorus rather than having lyrics. It is ethereal and ghostly, and tells a tale of love and loss.

Genre(s): Folk, Love Songs, Contemporary Folk, Traditional Folk
Mood(s): Haunting, Hypnotic, Mournful, Romantic
Style(s): Gothic/Classic Horror, Mystery, Story, TV Drama
Language(s): English
The Fall: a folk songStandard License:$50.00
Extended License:$150.00

The Fall: a folk song

By J Douglas & G Barnes
She fled and ran until she tripped,
On the roots of his family tree,
He caught her in his arms so strong,
She fell in his pools of green.

She spilled aged whisky down her cheeks,
He wiped those tears away,
Squeezed milk from ‘thin her virgin breasts,
And ‘pon the soil they lay.

Her heart got trapped 'thin his tattoo,
A blue tear drop below his eye,
But then he blew that heart away,
Like smoke from a hot peat fire.

She’s walked the road alone e’er since,
The ghost of his child in her arms,
A burning taste scorched on her lips,
And a lonely distant stare.


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