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Catching Up To You Again

Artist: JuneBaby Murphy
Artist's Description
Sometimes We Fall In Love And Don't Realize Until Your Love Partner Has Left And Gone Away And Then You Try To Find That Love One

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country, General Pop, General R-n-B, Funk Rock
Mood(s): Easy, Groovy, Happy, Heavy, Positive, Soft, Thoughtful
Style(s): Desire, Friendship, TV Drama, TV Themes
Language(s): English
Catching Up To You AgainStandard License:$150.00
Extended License:$300.00

Catching Up To You Again

By JuneBaby Murphy
Verse 1
Came Home Today
Only To Find You Gone
Tomorrow Won't Be The Same
You Was The Magic And The Flame
That Spark My Life
Money And Fame
Can't Compare To You
I Miss Your Kiss
Without You Love Don't Exist
Catching Up To You Again
Is All I Wanna Do
This Can't Be The End
Of A Love Affair
I Still Care About You
I'll Be Catching Up To You Again
Verse 2
Tell Me Where You Are
I'll Drive Through Many Cities
Even Fly Across The World
Looking For My Girl
Don't Care How Far
I'll Come To You
Just Tell Me To
You'll Forever Be My Star
That Brighten Up My Life
I'll Be Waiting
Waiting For Your Call
In The Morning
When I Rise
Always Wanting You Near
That Would Be A Surprise


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