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Disappoint me

Artist: Barbed Wire Soul
Artist's Description
Love you live you learn and still

Genre(s): Rock, Emo, Power Pop, Goth Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Bitter, Dark, Disturbing, Fast, Hard, Hate, Haunting, Industrial, Mournful, Repetitive, Tension
Style(s): Confusion, Danger, Gothic/Classic Horror, Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$150.00

Disappoint me

By Barbed Wire Soul
All the flowers you bring, do they touch your heart when you see the look in my eyes.

All the times you hold my hand, does it really resonate in your soul as well?

You say love I say lust, you say together, I say it’s never.

You bring me words that seem scattered across the wind, never to be as one, you never wrote me song.

All the promises you kept, they fell at my feet, you said our love is a gift, but yet through all this I cannot believe.

Disappoint me,

You are so good at it.

Just disappoint me,

So I can give up and be free.

Time and time again, we dance this charade, and still I want to feel it and pray that it’s real.

Once you held my hand, once your voice was heard in the pouring rain, all I know now is exactly what I feel.

And you say love, I say lust that’s all you think of.

You say together, I say it’s never I gave up.

So just disappoint me,

Because you are so good at it,

Just disappoint me, so I can finally walk away and be free.

Just let it be, and disappoint me.


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