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And we danced alone

Artist: Barbed Wire Soul
Artist's Description
Sometimes love is as beauty in sadness..

Genre(s): Industrial, Emo, Dark Techno/Darkwave, Industrial Dance, Gothic Metal, Goth Rock
Mood(s): Dark, Disturbing, Dreamy, Eerie, Haunting, Hypnotic, Industrial, Mechanical, Mellow, Mournful, Strange
Style(s): Confusion, Eighties (1980s), Gothic/Classic Horror, Soundscape
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$125.00

And we danced alone

By Barbed Wire Soul
*And we danced alone*

Dance now, dance to the heart of a different beat.
Shadow players sway in mystic rhythms inside her make-believe reality.

Time melts our war of love, as we become empty statements stumbling in the dark.
Dreamscape landfill minds, the dance floor is our battle zone against the curse within the atomic sky.

Dance, dancing alone with another damned soul.
We danced alone in her world of woe.

She danced in my streams by the light of her darkened soul. We both paid the price, dancing with the lost daughters of Eve.

Blind shadows players forsaking this life, stealing the stars falling from the sky. We danced alone, looking into each other’s eyes. We danced alone.


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