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Artist: Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Artist's Description
Playing hide and go seek in the dark.

Genre(s): R-n-B, Rock
Mood(s): Anxious, Childlike, Happy, Joyous, Playful, Romantic, Upbeat
Style(s): Info-mercial, Nineties (1990s), Sex, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Verse 1
Baby quit your hiding,
Are you playing hide and go seek.
You know what's going to happen when i catch you,
In the bed under the covers between the sheets..

V 2
Hun are you hiding in the closet,
Or behind the closet doors.
I know you're hiding around here somewhere,
Like you've done so many times before..

Ok baby where are you hiding,
Okay is that you hiding under the sheets.
Hun is there someone in there hiding with you,
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek"..

Let me slip in there with you two ladies,
I hope it's her blonde haired friend.
Dude what the hell are you doing,
Dude your touching my girlfriend..

V 3
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek,
"Hun" who the hell is this guy,
Who's trying to have sex with you.
Baby quit fighting,
I got a big surprise for you in the next room..

V 4
My girlfriend is in the next room waiting,
Baby she's naked waiting for you.
She's the one who talked me into all of this,
Her man and me, her and you..

"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek",
"Babygirl" I really love your girlfriend.
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek",
We did again and again..

"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek"
Babygirl you the out did yourself again.
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeek"
Oh My God I Just Was In Heaven Again..

Baby what's are you planning next time,
And can they come again.
Next time can we all can play dress up,
I'll come as The Banana Man..

V 7
Baby are you all hiding,
Are we playing hide and go seek.
You know what's going to happen if i catch any of you,
In bed under the covers between the sheets..
In the bed under the covers
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek"
"Sqeek Sqeek Sqeeeeeeek"


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