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Welcome Earth

Artist: Beautiful Mind Lyrics
Artist's Description
Celebration of the Earth!

Genre(s): New Age, Ambient New Age, Environmental Music
Mood(s): Meditative, Peaceful, Relaxed, Thoughtful
Style(s): Celebration, Humanity, Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Welcome Earth

By Beautiful Mind Lyrics
You are so special
Astral core crystal
All in fine balance
Oceans formed in land
Elements born by chance
A gravity of circumstance
Almost planned like
A cosmic romance
A sky that rains welcome
Happens so seldom
You must be painted by hand-----chorus

You are my Earth
From birth
Always there always fair
I swear
I could live in your fresh air
No matter where
You make me welcome
With all you share
I find your shelter
Your protection
Your loving care

You are so positive
Time is relative
In the motion of peace
No cease to the evolution
To cure natural disease
A revolution in orbit
We find space as we breathe bridge
Bridge --You are my Earth
You are so giving
To all the living
Every cycle of being
Finds the renewal of energy
In the flow of the feeling
Of the seasons that have to be
Unlocked from the inertia
Like the flow of the sea
You release to me
How wonderful your welcome can be-----bridge

You are my Earth
Eternal Spiritual
You nurture my state
With a presence invisible
You welcome me to relate
To each moment profound
That you communicate
Through the sound
Of your heart
As you plot my chart
I was born to create
That you welcome me to start ------Chorus


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