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Artist: Pamela L. Grant
Artist's Description
I was inspired by, "For God so loved the world."

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Piano, General Christian, General New Age
Mood(s): Introspective
Style(s): Ballad, Humanity, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Standard License:$60.00
Extended License:$160.00


By Pamela L. Grant
We create that space
in that place
as he so loved the world.

Is there trust in man
that he would
take care of the lands?
As he watches
the destruction from chemicals.

One person’s fear
is another ones adventure.
One person’s possibilities
is another ones struggles.

The one whos goal is to walk.
While one who can walk stands still.
As the not knowing compares
to make sense of their own.

As he so loved the world.

Do not run.
Do not hide.
Don’t let fear turn to anger.
Your own choices
placed onto others and the globe.

As he so loved
As he so loved the world.

Blinkers are placed on horses
as man lets his mind do the same.
While standing still around them
is the truth as he loved the world.

Children that get
the wrong kind of attention.
Children that are sick
scared and hungry.
In a world that wants what it wants.

As he so loved the world.

As blame is placed
it does not ease guilt and shame.
As hatred agrees
with wicked revenge in the land.

He watches
as he so loved the world.

So busy saying something isn’t
instead of seeing what is.
Blindly following lies not truth
to agree with judgmental
points of view.

As he so loved the world.

Each soul is alone in the end
the deposit of love or hate.
Faith that gets replaced by control
ones who try to stop hope and joy.

So it be told while he watches
as he so loved the world.


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