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Decadent beauty

Artist: Lee Spadez
Artist's Description
A lyric conveying general thoughts.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, Underground Rap, General Reggae, Caribbean
Mood(s): Confident, Energetic, Hard, Introspective, Patriotic, Proud
Style(s): Action Adventure, Desire, Humanity, Patriotic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$300.00
Extended License:$500.00

Decadent beauty

By Lee Spadez
X1. People dem shout cheers bomb burst off into the air. The very thing we celebrate we're taught to beware. Kinda scary when happy thoughts leave you in despair. Like looking for a hug from a Pedobear. Everyone lines up to be a millionaire. And once the money gone their heart goes callous. To be honest I can't even knock it. This entire society lacks empathy like a tin man with insecurities. Pledge of Allegiance to piracy, one by land two by sea, so pardon me if I fall for her decadent beauty. She appeases me with her words and wishes. Her body too damaged and ravaged for pussy and kissing. She cries all night and only heaven may listen. Trapped in this hourglass while the dark matter pass, leaving me grasping and gasping. I'm sorry momma but I'm not a pastor. Im sorry internet but I'm not an actor. All these souls on layaway have become a factor. Because they must hurry home for their last supper. A requiem of the 8th wonder.

X2. There are many unsung heroes that we so proudly hail. On the back of a dead inflated washed up whale. Speaking of the devil is starting to taste so stale. When we're all angles habitually dwelling in hell. The judicious system encouraged the worship of bail. These marionette had me under a hex like spell. I cleansed in the blood but to no prevail. My orotund song shattered the draconian cell. It took 33 days to wash off this rancid smell. Branded inimical for freedom fighting visuals. The inevitable totality of the issue was beautiful. Established intricate networks with the bare minimum. Ironically everyone wants to be a criminal. Sex money murder became our badge of honor. And if it's death over dishonor then we'd be suicide bombers. Why nobody warned us about Gay rights Obama? Why must Islam be tainted because of Osama? Why can't you translate Viva La Bamba? Why the police had to take the Chevy impala? Why did Belafonte sing about stacking banana? Smoking cigars while sporting the fandora. It's never too late to open up Pandora.


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