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MR. Turban

Artist: Lee Spadez
Artist's Description
A lyric depicting the symbolism of the turban.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, Underground Rap, General Reggae, Aboriginal Australian/Didjeridu
Mood(s): Calm, Confident, Energetic, Full, Solid
Style(s): Desire, Mystery, Party, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$300.00
Extended License:$500.00

MR. Turban

By Lee Spadez
X1. I see dead people. I see people who would do no evil. I see the impossible solutions to any upheaval. I've been walking on pins and needles, yet vigilant of oligarchy eagles. The predator to a predator of beetles. The darkest hour of higher power is being alone, being unable to cope with the sight of blood stained stones. Bundles of dead dried bones, gentrified and becomes a new home. Nevertheless, even in death you'll hear melanin moan. An Eastern star kiss under a Great red oak tree, compatible energy so we danced until the Sun decided to sleep. Just another angel wrestling with the YAHudii seed. Still takes the best of me to work with this society because my identity undoubtedly, is not a social formality. A threatening ideology, detrimental to pagen blasphemy. Oooo illuminati got the hots for me. But the dick dead asleep because Darwinism isn't cheap. So my best assets are kept safe under my turbans keep.

X2. Teeth chattering from embarrassment in the presence of the Infinite One. The Gaza was constructed and the unruly commenced with operation Solomon. In the eye of the F5 I would be in the calm. Hub caps broken off the rims tho because niggas be moving like bums. You can't mix opera sound with the might of the Drum. Be ye separated my son or just deal with the crumbs. Even with this turban, im uncle Drew like kyrie Irving. An authentic style that was uniquely woven. Plus mami pussy get dumb open. Even at sunrise we have ourselves alil dinner date. I pull up clean as fxxx and the pussy be on a dinner plate. I dealt with her like a doctors appointment and we shared the anointing. 8:31 she fell asleep, talk about synchronicity. Some say life a mystery, family never lose faith in ADONIA sovereignty. Unruly words blast off like pyroclasticity. This the 25th hour of cryptography. From the bottom of our balls came black history. Don't let the bed bugs bite dummy and continue to sleep.


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