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Never disingenuous

Artist: Lee Spadez
Artist's Description
A lyric to inspire a generation

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, Underground Rap
Mood(s): Confident
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Fashion, Humanity, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$300.00
Extended License:$500.00

Never disingenuous

By Lee Spadez
Why even bother? Niggas out here be chasing dollars. Reality is tough, constantly infringing the father. No longer need a rite of passage, we all bastards, cognitively they growing backwards. That's a hazard. So what's the password?? Just let em see the answers. This is law, guiding the masses before they fall. They call for God, but he was too busy building a wall. As a result, Kats out here pouring water on a ball. So I'll just be a dickhead, I'll be penetrating a generation, breathing hope into a prudent nation. Mind body soul dedicated to the premeditated, anticipated and highly favored by satan. This no joke, so don't play with my patience. Kats feeding off sin, so my best friend is a G.U.N. ain't that genuine?? Please forgive my fellow kin. We unruly to the end. Niggas like me never disingenuous.

X2. R.I.P to all the ignorance. It's getting serious. These demons are real, I call them insidious. Worth every cent once you give into their hideous belligerence. Capital build off the pretty bitch. She started bleeding and the monopolies itch. Difficult enough just to pay the rent, so what hppnd to her innocence?? If the youth grow old, there's no guarantee that they'll value soul. Money clothes and hoes all these kids know. Chasing false dreams while their true potential sleeps. Anyone with common sense is a target in the streets. A motley bunch of voices, they've all made their choices. Ignorance is bliss until you notice your ignominious. Damn Life's a bitch and niggas still trynna give her dick. Until she gets them sick, and they see there's no quick repent. Hold on fast to the truth, that's the only real defense. Walking through the valley of death you could die in an instant.


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