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We Are The Heirs

Artist: J.R. Mallard
Artist's Description
I probably started writing this one nearly 15 years ago, when I originally discovered Celtic Woman. ;)
I imagine it as a celtic/medieval flavoured piece, probably for a video game or tv.
Please bear with the quality of the demo I recorded. I record in a stairwell using a cheap microphone, so not the most professional (or comfortable!) setting. ;)
For this song, I was hearing both the main vocal melody as well as an instrumental (or vocal) melody looping alongside it throughout the piece. Since I do not yet know how to mix tracks, I did one take in which I switched between the two melodies. So the "la-la-las" you will hear are what I was originally imagining as a fiddle or a flute... Although it could also be pretty sung as "la-las" in a youthful female voice, I guess. :)
I do have separate recordings with just the lyrics or the isntrumental melody, if you are interested in this song. Just contact me and I'll be happy to send them to you. :)
Female vocals. Cultural heritage, pride.
Note: Since copyrighting this work, I changed Line 5 to 'some TAME and some wild'. Just FYI. :)

Genre(s): New Age, Soundtrack, Traditional Folk, General Celtic
Mood(s): Flowing, Magical, Peaceful, Proud, Repetitive
Style(s): Action Adventure, Fairy Tales, Humanity
Language(s): English
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Extended License:$108.75
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We Are The Heirs

By J.R. Mallard
We Are The Heirs

We are the heirs
Of a time gone by
The heirs of wars
The heirs of tides

Of cycles and seasons , some mild and some wild
We are the heirs of a time gone by

We walk the lands
In our forebears’ strides
The lands spread far
The lands spread wide

The mountains and valleys still echo their cries
We walk the lands in our forebears’ strides

We learn the tales
That scripted our ties
The tales tell all
The tales tell why

The heroes and journeys alive in our minds
We learn the tales that scripted our ties

We sing the songs
Of eternal rhymes
The songs ring low
The songs ring high

Our voices and chanting resounding with pride
We sing the songs of eternal rhymes

We are the heirs
Of a time gone by
The heirs of wars
The heirs of tides

We are the heirs
Of a time gone by
Frozen in time

J.R. Mallard 16/05/2019


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