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Cold Season

Artist: perry bach
Artist's Description
This piece is slow & reflective bluesy with the vowels hanging for a full note at sentence end. My thoughts on cold and sunny seasons in life. Partial credit to book of Jeremiah chapter 6

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Blues Rock, Mood Music, Gospel
Mood(s): Flowing, Introspective, Meditative, Mellow, Romantic
Style(s): Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Cold SeasonStandard License:$19.00
Extended License:$77.00

Cold Season

By perry bach
I've been a cold recluse this stormy season
Snow freezing my face without a shaal
And the white pure flakes of Christmas
They've drifted and blackened like my heart

Life's been so cold this lonely winter
I speak delusion and white lies to my mirror
And I've turned my back on my true companion
Let darkness slither thru that open door

Will it be a blessed or barron springtime
I've mixed good seed on paths of rock and thorn
Can't turn away from old ways or cold rain
Surely danger still lurking at my door

And I long for peace and warmth of Canaan
The land where milk and honey still flow
Been trekking forty years cross life's dessert
Keep a candle lit cuz I'm on my way back home

I'll be filled and burning bright by summer days
Gentle mist wash pollution from my soul
And I'll shout new songs from blessed hilltops
While the sunlight brightens up my door

Then I'll stand gainst stormy life come Autumn
When the winds and leaves blow in from the north
Pure love laying dormant til the snow flies
Surely new life when I open up the door

Yes, Ill long for sunny days of Canaan
Where the milk and honey flow forever
Done trekking circles in my wasteland
Keep the lamp oiled til I find my way back home


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