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Another Day

Artist: Val Anderson
Artist's Description
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Genre(s): Easy Listening, R-n-B
Mood(s): Determined, Flowing, Upbeat
Style(s): Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$65.00
Extended License:$125.00

Another Day

By Val Anderson
Another day has begun, why should I care
My minds on the run masking all my fears.
All the confusion, surrounding me day by day
Is an intrusion I know I can’t be this way.

I need a …..New start……

I’m in distress and the darkness
Just brings me down.
No love left, I’m feeling so bereft
And my emotions confound.

Another day has begun, shed all my tears
My mind is so clear conquered all my fears.
All the confusion, surrounding me day by day
Found my solution I know all I have to say

I need a…..New start…….

A glance at the horizon dawns a new sky
See the sun rise as I open up my eyes.
Its rays shine on me saying it’s my time
To walk in the light opportunity won’t pass me by.

Another day has begun, radiate from the east
Never thought my life would know such peace.
All the confusion that surrounded me day by day
Seems like an illusion an image of yesterday

I have a…..New start….

I’m a success no more darkness
My life is sound
So much love left, I feel so blessed
And my emotions profound.


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