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Here I am .

Artist: Ashley lyrics
Artist's Description
Love ballad about losing somebody you or everything into

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Love Songs
Mood(s): Dramatic, Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$150.00

Here I am .

By Ashley lyrics
Here I am Without you,Never thought I'd be here all alone , so used to you coming back home,Now all I hear is silence which is destroying , all thease memories haven't faded,I went from loving to hating,everyday I avoided,hid away hoping to be saved by you but you never came
Ohh no you never came

My strength turned to weakness
My knees felt like they fell beneath me
My heart lost its beat
That how it felt when you left me
I thought you was all that I needed but
I found a way, I picked myself up , I succeeded

Some days were darker than others
Each time I thought I had recovered
I found myself back at the start still crying over my broken heart

I found a way through,I switched off all the memories in my mind. Stopped the tears falling from my eyes, I put the pieces of my heart back together, I forgot about our forever.

My weakness turned to strength
I got back of the ground again
My heart got back it’s beat
So Here I am here I stand
Strong as ever,I got through the pain
I finally erased your name, left the memories behind , I got over you,I fighted for my life


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