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Last Christmas with mom

Artist: Douglas Beardmore
Artist's Description
My most recent christmas song I wrote,Sad but something many people can relate too!

Genre(s): Holiday, General Country, Christmas
Mood(s): Dramatic, Heavy, Sad
Style(s): Christmas, Death
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$125.00

Last Christmas with mom

By Douglas Beardmore
V1:the lights are on the christmas tree/the entire family/has made their way too our house this year

V2:the snow is falling down outside/i'm trying to hide the tears I cry/as I see the smile on my mama's face/it lets me know she believes she Will be ok

Ch: its gonna be moms last christmas/before she meets jesus/the doctors have told her/pretty soon she'll be leaving/were doing our best to accept it and stay strong/but this is gonna be our last Christmas with mom

V3:she says its not about the presents/underneath the tree/its about all the little things/like faith hope and family/she loves the way the Christmas angel lights up the night/God i hope she knows that shes our angel in disguise

(Repeat chorus)

Br: we sing silent night/and then she takes my hand/says thanks for all of this and i know its hard to understand/but you Will be ok my son/i'm proud of who you have become/and I know you're grandpa would be too/I'll tell him cause I know i'm gonna see him soon

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah this is gonna be our last Christmas with mom


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