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Artist: LiaWiguno
Artist's Description
This is a reflective writing about being grateful in our lives, that there is always something to smile for, we have to cherish our lives the good and the bad. The mood of this writing is mellow, thoughtful and hopefully inspirational.

Genre(s): Pop, R-n-B
Mood(s): Mellow, Slow, Soft, Thoughtful
Style(s): Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00


By LiaWiguno
Here I am thinking what clothes to wear
and what food and desserts to eat
while others struggle to make ends meet
How life just never fair

Here I am complaining about my 9 to 5
how tired i am with my overtime
While others would die to have my life
where earning money dont always resort to crime

Here I am struggle with my household chores
Paying the bills and put my kids to sleep
While others never have a roof to live
Days gone by sleeping on the floor

Here I am arguing with my loved ones over silly things
While others have to face their days alone cold and lonely
A reality check is sometimes needed to know how we’re so lucky

My friend, someone somewhere out there
Live a worse life you can’t bear
For just one moment, stop and stare
this world we live is always unfair

Have you realised how lucky you are
How your problems you’ve had so far
is nothing to what others go through
Learn to put yourself in their shoes

Here I am waking up to a new sunshine
a sense of gratitude and appreciation
Just how lucky my life can be
How others may wish to be me

So, i’ll be telling myself that from today
the glass is always half full never empty
life is just too precious not to be happy
Whatever the struggles will come
I’ll be standing strong and ready

Whenever you feel down and blue
When you feel your hopes keeps failing you
remember that rainbow always comes
after the rain,
and that someone out there suffer much more pain
So keep your held high, dont lose faith
be grateful you are alive and here today
Cherish and appreciate all your moments
make it meaningful and worthwhile my friend


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