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The mix

Artist: Hatchett
Artist's Description
I really like to to take time to myself and really get into my head. each day i live a regular life with others who cannot relate. sounds cliche but the town i live in, you really have to keep to yourself.

Genre(s): Metal, Acoustic Blues, Mood Music, Black/Death Metal, Grindcore
Mood(s): Dark
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00

the mix

By Hatchett
there's faces that emerge from the walls we take in, the eyes that we perceive take in the lies that we see in the mirror, see questions answered in the gun laid between our thighs, be quite to ourselves with our lies, eye ball the world with questions we already know, reconstructed what cant be scraped at the table until the nails come undone, breathe the depths that already lay dead


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