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Heavenly Common Sense

Artist: PS101--Dvir Chebron
Artist's Description
Any oldie but goody----as someone once told me--so I have to share the wealth. We may feel like there is no end in sight sometimes. But this is inspirational no matter what religious practices you might have. Take the meat--and leave the bone----or become a vegetarian:) This is ur world! Create!

Genre(s): Country, General Religious
Mood(s): Optimistic, Positive, Simple
Style(s): Gospel Hour, Western
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Heavenly Common Sense

By PS101--Dvir Chebron

I wake up in the mornin' put on my boots
Turned on the news....I hear nuthin' but blues
All through night....this whole-wide worlds' in a fight
This world....You know ....just ain't living' right.......
Oh-What can I say....except we're needin' pray
So-constantly....yes-all through the day
We must be in keep inflicting; the pain
For the power....that we're hoping' to gain....


And I thank God....for my Heavenly Common-Sense
For my bucket and two red-cents
For my Heavenly Common-sense
And I thank know that 'Jesus" is my best friend
To know without you....I ain't gonna win
For my Heavenly Common Sense


Don't got no money to pay the rent
I'm ducking and dodging' I'm sneakin' in
I can't live for free....Oh--no,no,no,--that's not me
And it's not that I don't wanna win
I'm searching' the streets from early-morn
In jeans that are clean....but --oh how they're torn
I'm lookin' for work....In the midst of a storm
At least I know....that my soul is re-born

Repeat: Chorus


Some people live....and never seek "Him"
Some people do......but run away
And some people think....that he doesn't exist
And to them....I say....what a shame
But then there are those....whose living' just like me
And we're living....Just-(Day)--yes to-day
Now we couldn't If we didn't believe
No-- If we..........Didn't have the F A I T H....

Repeat:l Chorus


Landlord done spotted me in my truck
I slid on down....Yes--I Oh-tried to duck
In a gentle voice he said....'Oh-- 'V'-- get on up
I sees' you Been....down on Yo-luck
I noticed you've looking' pretty hard
I sure need a hand....and you need a job
And the rent that you know, I'm willing yo squash
It pays in the be washed

Repeat : Chorus and Fade out


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