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Behind Closed Doors

Artist: Samuel Mann (Sam Mann)
Artist's Description
These lyrics were written to remind those who are experiencing any type of hurt or tough time in their life, it is okay to show that hurt and it is important that you do so in order to allow those closest to you to help.

Genre(s): Country,General Country
Mood(s): Optimistic,Romantic,Sad,Slow,Soft,Sweet,Thoughtful
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $80.00
Derivative-Use License: $150.00
You smile, You Laugh
Because that’s just what you do
You get up, go on
Pretending it’s not true
I see, the hurt
It’s all over your face
I know, the truth
You show in many ways

In the way that you smile
Like you’ve got something to hide
But I see right through your mask
By the way that you stand
Still trying to pretend
That you’re feeling no pain
I know your hearts at war
But I just can’t ignore
What you’re doing, behind closed doors

I’ve felt, this way
A time or two in my life
I hate, to see
You pretend you’re alright
So please, will you
Be honest with yourself
Show us, the truth
You’ve been put through hell

Put away that smile
You’ve got nothing to hide
You can take off that mask
When you’re ready to stand
Don’t try to pretend
That you feel no pain
I know your hearts at war
It can be restored
Stop crying, behind closed doors

Its okay, to show your pain
I’ll be there to help you through


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