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Light A Candle

Artist: 0dB (0dB)
Artist's Description
This is an emotional song with lots of imagery. It is intended as a rap, but could also be a spoken word piece. I wrote it to the beat titled, “Light A Candle” which is on my artist page. It is best to use this as a starting point, although it works very well with that beat. Enjoy.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Pop,General Hip Hop,General Rap,General Pop
Mood(s): Calm,Complex,Dramatic,Dreamy,Forgiveness,Introspective,Peaceful,Sad,Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad,Inspirational,Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $100.00
(Verse 1)
A smile can hide a lot of pain
A tear can flood when there’s no rain
Walking miles and still no gain
Life’s a battle of rough terrain
My legs have carried me they’re numb with pain
Two paths I’ve travelled but they’re often the same
Someone’s near me but I don’t know who
My shoes are worn and my feet hurt too
Feel like I risked too much too soon
When I’m alone who do I turn to?
My darkest moments are moments of truth
My very worst fears are the ones I can’t soothe
I couldn’t see the things that others knew
I have never perceived like a mother can do
This journey’s taken me to a very strange place
Every strangers look is a familiar face

(Chorus x 2)
I light a candle when I’m in the dark
I light a candle when I miss the mark
I light a candle when I can’t see
I light a candle when I’m not me

(Verse 2)
Is this waking life or sleeping death?
Do these thoughts have limits or consequence?
Am I leaving behind a beautiful mess?
Mishaps, perhaps that I should’ve addressed
When I didn’t have answers, I shouldn’t have guessed
There was no rehearsal, it was never a test
The people I knew were they ever honest?
Should I spread my wings and fly like when a bird leaves the nest?
I detest all those times when I couldn’t contest
Too much to climb like Mt Everest
Did I put a limit on my conquests?
I didn’t inherit so I couldn’t invest,
Still feeling naked even though I am dressed
It’s hard to impress when born cursed and not blessed
I did what I could but it wasn’t my best
I’ll take what I can and just leave the rest


(Verse 3)
My mind’s a shadow, my thoughts are dust
Regret’s a friend that I really can’t trust
My eyes are real but my visions a dream
My emotions are water drifting off in a stream
My head’s been swimming like it’s out at sea
My memories are pictures that I’ll never unsee
Ambitions and wishes there’s no guarantee
That they’ll ever come true or even be achieved
Opportunities came but I watched them go
Like seeds you only ever reap what you sow
Feel like I’m out of options for me to grow
Yet my heart beats away but it’s full of sorrow
Half-empty; half-full, it’s always hard to know
I guess I’ll never feel complete like when a winter meets snow
Seasons pass me by but time has to go
Once today is over it’ll become tomorrow

I light a candle when I’m in the dark
I light a candle when I miss the mark
I light a candle when I can’t see
Do candles burn for entity?


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