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Get up on the dance floor

Artist: Q-Heffna/2Deep
Artist's Description
Lost the beat for this one so it never got recorded, but I still like the bones of the song. It's a simple club song about exactly what you/we do in the club.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, East Coast Rap, General Hip Hop, Urban Crossover
Mood(s): Anthemic, Bouncy, Bright, Dancing, Energetic, Flowing, Groovy, Happy, Leisurely, Light, Lively, Positive, Upbeat
Style(s): Desire, Nightclub, Party, Sex
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$60.00

Get up on the dance floor

By Q-Heffna/2Deep
Get up on the dance floor, get up on the dance floor (2x)
We came to make you dance tonight so
Get up on the dance floor, get up on the dance floor (2x)

Get up on the dance floor/witcha fxxxin pants low
Grab her by the waist/pull her close/like you dance slow
Hands in the air/yeah/do it cuz I said so
We here to have a good time/if you came to see the led blow
you in the wrong place/better leave/ 'fore you dead bro
2Deep/don't sleep/grab a drink instead though
In the VIP/or in the corner with a bad hoe
In the middle of the club/or in the back/smoking mad dro
Put your drinks up/and lemme hear ya'll niggas say OH
When we grab the mic/ain't nobody sittin still yo
Bitches liftin skirts/with their legs/so they can feel more
Suckas might hate/the first time they hear this real flow
but we don't give a fxxx/so what the hell YOU live in fear for?
We set the club on fire/so ya'll better hit the rear door
Beer goes/quicker than the liquor/but we still throwed
You can walk it out/grind it down/or do the heel toe
Do/what you do/kid/get it how you feel yo
Don't stop movin/like those O's in a deal go


Dudes with sweaty backs/chicks sweatin out their tracks too
break it down for me/like you get it from the back, boo
Fellas get up on it/stick that back/like a ta-too
Fists and forearms up/throw your set/ and rep your whole crew
You can catch me by the hoes/real close to that alcohol
leanin at the bar/ain't no tellin if I'm bout to fall
We bout to ball/out/until the lint shows in our pockets
and we ain't stopping/til we drunk/or/some-body droppin
Sober's not an option/no/t while these hoes is mobbing
Ya'll know the track's bangin/dawg, we always keep it poppin
Hoppin/in and out of whips/with/different honey dips
and I don't want the wrist/I want my dick between ya lips
Dude is actin like they his/but we bout to run a triz
Yeah, she got ya kids/now I'm the one between her hips
My pimpin got the gift/of/makin bitches legs lift
up/on my shoulders/while I'm digging in her shit
It don't matter if/a nigga shinin or I'm toothless
I DO this/even those straight killas know I'm ruthless


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