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Artist: Sunny Vivek (Monkshighway@SunnyVivek)
Artist's Description
The name is Crossroads.
Today standing on crossroads, I am puzzled where to go and Why to go.
These talking signboards are many and more making my life go so-so.

Genre(s): Soundtrack,Love Songs,Foreign Rap,Film Soundtrack
Mood(s): Aggressive,Calm,Thoughtful
Style(s): Heartbreak,Travelling
Language(s): English,Indian Languages
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Single-Use License: $250.00
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Today standing on crossroads I am puzzled.. Where to go and Why to go..
These talking signboards are many and still more,, Making my life go so-so.

Searching around I saw a falcon and a tree.. Next I saw was my life and me..
Sharpness and flight of this eagle is high.. Even trees growing high, but no limit of Sky..
Standing on crossroads..

Sitting and waiting for a guide.. I watched life getting shy..
Than,, I saw a passerby.. Running high searching his way In the lost Sky..
I shouted at him, stop for a break.. Jockey didn't listen, it was a horse race..
I watched him for a mile..
Oh.. He was TIME.. than..came a Smile..
Standing on Crossroads..

Smile lost it's way as I thought of past years.. the dramas I created came through my ear..
On the straight road, sun was arising.. There stood an angel.. Told me to see life through different angle..
As he continued my eyes stopped on prettiest girl.. Making me live my life on every cuts and curls..
I wanted to live with her.. But again she was taken Away by a rider..
Standing on Crossroads..

Now I was alone.. The angel was gone.. After listening to my deep old lovers tone...
Again stood those Crossroads..
Asking me now..
Where to go..
Why to go..



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