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Silent Love

Artist: Soledad Mora (SolMova)
Artist's Description
A love confession that didn't go well

Genre(s): Pop,R-n-B,Soul
Mood(s): Confused,Introspective,Sad
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Derivative-Use License: $30.00
Secretly I approach you, I’m not able to say a word
You cannot imagine the sadness of a silent love
Saying nothing is an endless torture to myself
It's being a witness of how our story ends
See it slowly sinking in a flood of pain

Secretly I've done everything for you,
for a submissive and timid love that I feel
But a silent love, where does it go?
Forever will be kept inside my soul
while tears are falling down on the floor

Secretly I want to be with you in this fairyland,
a place where my mouth says "I love you dear"
and you answer back to me by extending a hand
A place where the silent love doesn't exist
and all my anxiety is released

There are silences of peace and those of revenge,
nothing better than complicity between two friends
So I want you to look at me and feel a voice
Whispers of trust, tenderness and acceptance
For silent love is not love, is a wetland of hesitance


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