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Artist: John Herrington (John Herrington)
Artist's Description
Sometimes living in paradise is not always what it seems

Genre(s): Folk,Acoustic Blues,Contemporary Folk,Soul
Mood(s): Confused,Haunting,Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English

Bali clouds
Sky biru
Kites adrift
Westerners come, ground bleeds, all history gone

Kuta symphony
Traffic jam
Corner bar
Woman bares white child, customs exchanged, pride gone

Children’s bracelet
A promise made
Satu gold coin
Farmer enslaved, knowledge lost in time, freedom gone

Questions asked
Services not needed
Massage paid
Symbols taken, turned around, lives lost, all reason gone

Bali rain
Heavens song
Cleansing waters
Money corrupts, system crumbles down, honesty gone

Petals fall
Incense smoke
Offerings made
Princess waiting tables, restaurant uniforms no sarong, self esteem gone

Stone horse
Side of road
Deals done
Motorbikes in too many numbers, smog thickens, clean air gone

Cricket’s song
Airplane jet stream
Tranquil garden
Beach eroded, plastic bag sunsets, fish die, simple living gone

Thunder waves
Surfing school
Blue ocean breakfast
Children can’t play, factories to fill, sweat shop, will to live, gone

Dogs play
Beach horse ride
Papuan sunset
Questions asked, bombs explode, finally innocence gone

Family left
Life change
Paradise reside
Those who could remember days of innocence die, our future gone


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