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Thoughts Within

Artist: Mohammad Ayesh (ChaMoohyuk)
Artist's Description
This is a song about a person who tries to look deep in himself to amend the broken thoughts. A person who look at his life and dream of a peaceful bright future.

Genre(s): Rock,Soundtrack
Mood(s): Anthemic,Confused,Dark,Dreamy,Easy,Mellow,Magical,Positive,Thoughtful
Style(s): Action Adventure,Confusion,Dramatic Soundtrack,Friendship
Language(s): English
Derivative-Use License: $2,000.00
If I ever get a glimpse
of the darkness I behold

I might find the broken
thought that is buried in.

Maybe, just maybe,
I will myself mend,
and my misery I will end.

The darkness signs that I send,
always come back to me
as sins that I commit.
(my soul, is hollow and bent)

I am done with this.
I now myself detest.
I am too old to hide in the attic,
too old to be ecstatic.
I can no longer be this frantic.

I am too young to be strong and wild.
I guess I am just a child.

I just wanna run along to find,
the fairy to grant my wishes and wipe away my worries,
as I lie down with my best friend with no sense of being weak and sorry.

Hear my vibe,
it's asking for another life.
I guess the universe is deaf,
to my screams,
blind to my tries.

I lost my voice,
and my sense.
I now myself detest.
I am done with this.


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