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I Wanna Get High With You

Artist: Elisabeth Horan (ehoran poet)
Artist's Description
These lyrics, "I wanna get high with you" express a yearning for the old days of getting fucked up, but also the nuance of a relationship which the singer wants to be with this partner in all ways.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk,Blues
Mood(s): Dark,Sad,Tension
Style(s): Druggy,Nineties (1990s),Psychedelic,Sex
Language(s): NONE
Single-Use License: $20.00

I Wanna get High with you
omg I wanna get so high with you
it would be like pink clouds and tight jeans
chaps and spurs
i wanna split a pack of Reds
and a bottle of Jack
i wanna roll up some weed
double fxxx the smoke
take it all in
i wanna do the magic trick if u get the hiccups
i wanna fxxx in the back of a truck
I will tell you about my mom
cry about my rape
tell you of an abortion
explain how my sister and i are not so close anymore
look at the shapes the water in the river makes
look how it swallows itself so many times
that's what i can do to you too -
swallow you so many times
a gentle eddy
we can roll around each other's pain
laughing time under the table
so fxxxin high
bend down low
trentchtown rock
that's my number
no woman no cry -
i want to get sogoddamhigh
i want to fly
feel beautiful and thin and cool -
hide away the problems for a night with
tuck them in a dirty pissed on shoe.
the days of getting high i got nothing done
now i get shit done
i feel my pain unmasked - a scary clown
it is hiding in my unmade home
but i get a lot done. and
not to mention feeling the pain myself raw and ready -
feels like white hot needles
in my eyes and it can be refreshing - not dull
like a shrunken brain and dried out, poisoned veins
yet somehow
it seems
iamhurtingmyself less too
are you?


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