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Things go around

Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
Nice for the ladies I just be that lad

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Bollywood
Language(s): English

things go around

By souloe
hook its other girls she don't know about
this other girl she don't know about
but in a lovers world things go around
in each others world things go around /x2
oh I'm proud I'm finding out nights you where cold without me
u loose control without me from that valve right even to your brown eye
blankets cant unfold without me but peep this hoe around me
night shifts she folger downing its days I woah accountants
she wet control ya fountain see I cant go with out it
my love just grow around it never thinking slow about it
is it just affection gotta keep that safety jacket
but tonight we like fxxx protection many girls an never reject
know whats expected so no need for detecting I'm like a present
and she loves my presence
what comes around goes around like the ass on her
what is it a table top no but you can sit a glass on her
bend like its yoga class just to see it work
I pay her to mowe the grass when she weeds it twerk
shawty cut the snakes out like medusa went amber rose
she towel dressing damn do you need your clothes
she no hoe so my hand don't need powdered up
man my broccoli good so I don't need to get my cauliflower up
nice eyes light green I'm high red vision fxxx visine
no shades to disguise me cold for an average no d queen
if its dairy I'm milking money like the team keep cream
her clothes match even her lingerie goes with that hat
so when her top and pants off she can model those racks


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