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Crash hard

Artist: Darius Cooper (souloe)
Artist's Description
Ok another smooth with it

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,General Hip Hop,General Rap
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Bollywood
Language(s): English
giving her this dick and I take no male enhancements
slapped her on the ass made it whip and left a hand print
started from her neck going down that's an advancement
I'm just so happy that it doesn't smell like canned fish
everything titanic and ill pay for it scan it
named brand shit a broke bitch couldn't stand it
when it comes to money its never adequate she like lets pass to sex
f-ed around and got the mattress wet they cannot stand its me
they wanna banish me I fxxx there fantasy they wanna damage me
but there hoe would bandage me even if they could but they don't leave no scratch
and my album through yo hood its selling like a batch
how I'm on fire and I didn't even need a match
skeet in yo bitch with my kids shes playing catch if I didn't punch you
probably got kicked hacky sack and when I shoot I don't miss so they cant gat me back

hook/ bad broad her ass go round and round like nascar crash hard back from a bar late swiping my cash card
had her had her and I'm about to have her shitting on em let me get up but with this cash ill wipe my ass first /x2

verse2/ before the hotel room we fxxxed in the elevator gas in the swisher
and are lips are like accelerators since more money and my new bitch ive had hella haters
hit it hard talking his chick I gotta nail to date her tryna get to me I swear I'm like a barricade
poppin like a fair parade lotve bank I swear ive made u cant pass my barrier I swear it will get scarier
a pussy like you couldn't act more fairy er your bitch don't want to merry her I just want to hit
funny how they aint gone do shit but they always diss


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