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There she go

Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
Club banger hang on

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Bollywood
Language(s): English

there she go

By souloe
hook/ I wonder who she is there she go just a sexy ass hoe /x4

verse 1
made it to the bar last night drinking in the strobe lights
seen shawty over there ass tight nice texture and her face just right
damn ooh she bad she got back I can imagine that sitting on my lap
she sat a cup on her rump she got humps shit look like a weasel with the mumps
tryna take her to my place and get shit faced an put her ass on display
shit I wouldn't do her wrong just relax as I throw all these stacks aye
verse2 /
damn she so good looking tryna take her to the hotel I booked in
interrupt are discussion you shouldn't I just know shes sweet made of pudding
an she make me cooking he had this lady looking like she couldn't find better
well she found me the nicest he was just a crisis I'm enough shes priceless
my dougie ice less and I still shine acapella I still rhyme she laid her head on my chest and bet she feels fine
she wont be off about until 9 and by 10 o clock chanel and heels time new deal fine pop a pill time we just cuddle up an touch to kill time


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