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Fairy-tale Ride

Artist: Ganiu Idris (Gemswriters)
Artist's Description
A fun and joyous lyrics about moving from nobody to a celebrity.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool,Joyous,Playful
Style(s): Fanfare
Language(s): English
Derivative-Use License: $600.00

It's a fairytale drive, oh!
A fairytale ride, oh!
I finally make it here
I'm finally flying high
They never thought I will rise
They never thought I'll fly
But here I'm now
Flying high in the sky
The story of my life is like a fairytale ride
It's a fairytale drive....2x
Just a fairytale ride.
Oh I gave them the shock of their life
Oh what a pleasant surprise
They never thought I will rise
They never thought I will fly
But to their pleasant surprise
I've just made it up high
I arrive big time
And I feel so alive
I know you're still surprise to see me here,
Once wonder myself if this is still my life,
Cos now I feel so revived
Feel so full of life
There’s no more struggle in my life
Now I'm living a good life
The story of my life is nothing but a remarkable turnaround.
Reminiscing on my old days
Thinking of the old me back in those days
My life is so complicated
Too many bad days I had in those days
So many struggles I had to face in those days
The struggle to keep my life
The trouble to stay alive
The hustle to make it big in life
All my life I fought these battles of life
Just to make it in life
So I write on to let you know I'm still alive
And still I rhyme lines,
And still I hope for life,
And as long as my heart breath life
And My pen stays alive
I believe I'll surely make it up high in life.


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