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Flap your wings (if you're fly)

Artist: Hu Sykes (Q-Heffna/2Deep)
Artist's Description
This is one of the first club/dance songs that I wrote. The title refers to the dance that you would be doing along with the song/beat (using your shoulders as if you had actual wings, not your arms). It's a fun song and I had fun writing it. The hook is repetitive.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,East Coast Rap,General Hip Hop,Urban Crossover
Mood(s): Anthemic,Bouncy,Cool,Dancing,Energetic,Flowing,Groovy,Happy,Playful,Upbeat
Style(s): Celebration,Nightclub,Party,Summer
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $60.00
Derivative-Use License: $170.00
Flap your wings if you're fly
Flap your wings if you're fly
Flap your wings if you're fly
Flap your wings if you're fly- AH

Flap your wings if you're fly/front back/side to side
Nod your head with the beat/while you lockin up them eyes
Hit the bar/grab your drinks/and/hold em in the sky
Then hit the floor/and/grab the chick you're standin by/AH
This shit/hits with/the power of a four-fifth
or those powdered lead tips/the feds bang in doors with
Bounce wit it if you want/jus/keep them wings flappin
If you see a nigga/ that/ look like he wanna swing/slap em
He act like he wanna go get them things/clap em
and brush it off your shoulder/ like/ain't nothin happen
Murda ain't fly/I'm-here-to-drink/til my eyes shut!
Grind up from behind/and leave the spot with a fine slut
Tickle on her spine/be-fore I tenderize/guts
I do it all the time/bitches always stay on my nuts
These girls is crazy/it's amazing what the wine does
I'm about to wrinkle up her face/yeah/just like time cuz

AH/Flap your wings/but don't sing/canaries fly with the birds
So if fly and silent/flap ya wings cuz/freedom is yours
And if you drunk in the back/flappin/slurring your words
get another round of drinks/cuz/ it's what you deserve
You know you fly when/you drunk/and you ain't have to pay
Or if your ass is dead broke/but you here anyway
Baby know she fly/when she's rockin her fits
or half naked on the stage wildin/rubbin your tits
or anytime/ you feel like/ there won't be another/ night like this
Heads noddin/bouncing heavy/arms crossed to hide my fists
Just be cool/dude/don't start or try my wits
cuz you don't wanna see what's hidin inside my clips
Inside my fifth/shit/I just wanna have a good time
Got my eye on shortie/in the corner/with the hood shine
If you sittin down/you need to get up out your seat!
Bring your drink if you want/but flap your wings to the beat!


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