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Textbook Toxic Love

Artist: Holly Messman (Holly Kristina Messman)
Artist's Description
A toxic love you just can't escape

Genre(s): Metal,Rock,Pop Metal
Mood(s): Anxious,Bitter,Dark,Dramatic,Mournful,Romantic,Sad,Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad,Confusion,Heartbreak,Humanity
Language(s): English
Textbook Toxic LoveSingle-Use License: $50.00
Derivative-Use License: $250.00
On the dark kitchen floor you wait at home
Cause your boss called you that morning
You shake your head to relieve the dread
Cause you used up your last warning

Liquor in the back seat
That you saved for a rainy day
But when you live in Seattle
You can't cope any other way

No easy way to say this
I'll try to soften the blow
But habits stick, better change them quick
Or I'm sorry you have to go

You're a textbook toxic love
Baby please don't go I swear
We can make this right before morning light
No ones perfect, I don't care

I'm sorry darling I'll be late
I took a wrong turn coming home
But what you don't know is I drive real slow
To delete words off my phone

Cigarettes on the floor
That I just can't throw away
I said I'd quit but my lighter's lit
As my lungs and soul decay

No easy way to explain this
But the answers come real slow
My mind's a mess, can't stand the stress
So I'm sorry I have to go

I'm a textbook toxic love
Baby please forgive my share
I am so much worse, and I can't reverse
We were perfect but now I'm scared

I can't take back the lies
And you can't keep up the guise
That this can go anywhere
But then I look into your eyes

We're a textbook toxic love
While dust lingers in the air
I'm silent when you scream just keep dreaming the dream
Because true love like this is rare


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