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Red red wine

Artist: Martin Wynne (Martin the poet)
Artist's Description
Dreams,love,desire, mysteries to all of us

Genre(s): Country,Art-Folk,General Folk
Mood(s): Dreamy,Easy,Floating
Style(s): Desire,Sex
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $250.00
There are mysteries that are in the world
There are mysteries in the ether

There is a wine that we can drink
A wine we drink together

Lift your cup
Lift your veil
And sweetly kiss your lover
Stand right upand walk within
Let the song of songs begin-:

This is my sigh my half inside
Lover in the ether
I shall sing in words
That sound like running water

Ethereal waves wash and cleanse
Trickling living water sends
Life through life and out again
A constant flow that has no end

Running out through finger tips
This is real this is it
I feel it permeate the soul
We drink it now
It makes us whole
Like one transmuting into the other

Its certitude like glaze like glass
Distinct in coloured burnished brass
Enveloped in this astral union
Emanating bliss in Transcendental feeling

Rain that falls
From heights divine
High desire
Red red wine..


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