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Artist: Hu Sykes (Q-Heffna/2Deep)
Artist's Description
This is a freestyle verse that never got recorded and ends up being the length of two verses, but I wrote it as on continuous rap verse. It could be separated into 2 verses (16 bars each). I'm showcasing my skills while talking about the life I was living at the time. Still fire.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,East Coast Rap,Freestyle Rap
Mood(s): Calm,Confident,Cool,Hard,Icy,Proud
Style(s): Danger,Death,Nineties (1990s)
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $50.00
Derivative-Use License: $135.00
Take it from me/my niggas will give it to you
You don't wanna joke/with this shit/I'm spittin to you
I'm with them/career criminals/zeros before the decimals
In private/or at festivals/you'll get it like the rest of em
So don't try testing/I'll pass/you'll fail miserable
We can't be beat/any attempt is pitiful
You saw two deer/I mean, you made a couple bucks
Keep it in the trunk/cuz you get/robbed every month
You's a punk/bout to get taken off like wet clothes
Heff knows/remember that/when your head blows
Hit up from the back you'll never even see who sent those
vet pros/cold like air when your breath shows
Nigga get low/this ain't somethin' you should fxxx wit
You don't run shit/but your mouth/now your tongue's bit
You being dumb bitch/I stay in them streets like hy-drants
getting violent/and you know we do it in silence
That's the time, kid/ I get on/niggas like poison ivy
don't believe me try me/why you think they wanna sign me?
To put a stop to/you bitch niggas nursery rhyming
It's the perfect timing/you bitches busted like a hymen
I can see you cryin/"Why he throw us all on front street?"
Cuz you say you hot/but/you ain't never felt heat
I'm HOT/like the planet Mercury/and your plots for murkin me
Hotter than the laser docs are using for your surgery
So If you plan on hurtin me/listen with the urgency
I used to see it perfectly/but now your death's a blur to me
I KNOW you heard of me/I'm the shit like sewer pipes
You mistaken if you thinkin/that/me and you alike
Naw/you the type/to get your shit left leakin
Ain't no time for preachin/once your bitches start screamin
Ain't no getting even/the odds of that are real slim
So consider that/if you thinkin you wanna kill him


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